April 2nd, 2009

American Psycho

Actually I don’t mind Ryan Seacrest. You know who I want to strangle? Adam Lambert. I can’t believe people actually like his banshee shrieking. Yeah I watch American Idol.

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  1. Robsteranium

    I can’t believe that you watch that tripe! I’m gutted. Good strip tho.
    In the UK the poll results are always led by ridiculously long pauses — you know, those ones that last just long enough for the tension to fade into irritation!

  2. Mid3vildan

    HAHAHAHAAHA you are a genius!!!!

  3. Lost The Game

    Ha! At first I didn’t get what it was about, then I was like, haha thats funny and then it was all kabloosh splat narrow urethra propane and propane accessories ah tell ya hwat.

  4. Neil (AoD)

    I do feel like strangling the presenter on those kinda shows sometimes too. However, I only ever tune in to see the fit girls on these shows- there are rules people; vote off the ugly ones first, THEN the ones that cant dance/sing etc.

  5. Egg Biscuit

    Here in the UK, the poll results are’nt just led by rediculously long pauses, they’re fixed too ^^

    I think the time for these tv shows is at an end and they need to disappear from tv for a few decades lol

    Great strip :D

  6. Mille

    Please, Adam is the most talented singer they have ever had! Would it have been crossing a line if you had drawn that thing on Matt’s forehead?

  7. Antony

    Well done, although I disapprove of you watching that crap. You can do better, Bernie!

  8. Hipp

    There’s a goddamn “Are you smarter than Adam Lambert? Click here to find your IQ!” ad at the top of this page. Google KNOWS, Bernie! THEY KNOW.

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