March 6th, 2009

Seeing Red

Killzone 2 on Metacritic

I ran a quick informal poll on Twitter/Facebook asking if anyone inverts the Y-axis on the controls when they’re playing first-person shooters, because I was feeling alone in that, and the (pretty obviously biased) results were 78% in favor of inverting. So what about you, do you invert, or are you wrong?

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  1. Max

    Killzone 2 is so awesome. Oh, and I only invert the Y-axis on older games that only use one analogue stick (e.g. GoldenEye, Perfect Dark etc.).

  2. Nonentity

    I must have missed the first 3 Married Indian Woman hunt games. What’s the subtitle for this one? “Married Indian Woman Hunt 4: THIS TIME SHIVA WILL NOT SAVE YOU”

  3. Egg Biscuit

    i dont think i invert. but maybe i do. i cant possibly say until i have a controller in my hand. i just cant recall without the cue of LOOKING UP or LOOKING DOWN. dammit. but i dont think i invert now. i used to, but sorta changed. unless ive got it the other way round and i now invert, when i didnt bother before. GAH!!!!!!!!!! ima go nao XD

  4. Anonymous

    console fps is horrible. use a pc.

  5. J.R.

    I invert controls on gamepads, but not on kb/mouse.

    Although I *do* invert left and right on the keyboard, but that’s a unique setup from a weird configuration on my part, heh.

  6. Awesome Bob

    I invert with flying stuff.

  7. Antony

    I always invert. Lacking the option is infuriating.

    Also, option B! BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB—

  8. t.

    Invert…sorry don’t get the married Indian woman joke…

  9. Abe.

    Yup, always invert. If it’s not an option (which it usually is) I can’t play.

  10. Nurgh

    I don’t see a reason to invert the Y axis of the controller stick. When I move the object (be it analog stick or mouse) away from myself, I expect the bloody character to look up, dangit.

  11. Nurgh

    —-start quote—-
    # t.
    March 6th, 2009 at 4:23 pm
    Invert…sorry don’t get the married Indian woman joke…
    —-end quote—-
    Married indian womans have them red dots on their foreheads. It’s called a “Bindi” (look it up on Wikipedia for more infos if you can be arsed).

    Also, Killzone’s Helghast have red glowing eyes, if my sources are right.

  12. Jeff

    I’m right AND wrong. I invert the y-axis, but I can’t use “traditional” FPS controls. By “traditional” I mean left stick does forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right. Using Halo as an example, I need the “Legacy” controls – left stick does forward, backward, turn left, turn right. Some people are crippled by it, but I like my shooters to control something like every other game on the planet.

  13. SamDamnit


  14. Baron Mawson


  15. Photoboy

    Yes, I invert! I don’t know when I first started doing it, but PC or console I always turn it on (in fact I love the Xbox 360 feature that lets you specify it as a preference in your profile and all games automatically set themselves to invert by default from then on).

    I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now I think. I probably started doing it either because I have a friend who also plays inverted and I got used to playing that way when playing on his computer. Or, it’s because I played a game and turned it on by accident and just got used to playing that way. At any rate, it’s very annoying when you get the odd game that doesn’t give you the option to invert! IIRC the Resident Evil 5 demo didn’t give the option…

  16. Anonymous

    ————-start quote—————————-
    Married indian womans have them red dots on their foreheads. It’s called a “Bindi” (look it up on Wikipedia for more infos if you can be arsed).
    —————-end quote———————————-

    Not to mention that dowry death/bride burning is a huge problem in Inda….I can’t really say I appreciate the humor on this one.

  17. Loreo

    Always invert! I expect to pull the camera back or push it forward.

  18. Neil (AoD)

    1. I only invert the controls on flying games for added realism, but I only use my PS2 for games- PC’s are for porn incase anyone forgot.

    2. I remember an old racist joke about indians- why do they have red dots on their foreheads? Well, you gotta have something to aim at… Not my joke, so flame someone else….

  19. Bacon

    I always invert. I was harassed by my college roommates for doing it, too, but that was probably more so because they would have to change it back after I was done playing. I’ve always felt in the minority for inverting, but clearly there are a lot of other people that do as well.

  20. Dan The Man

    Yeah, invert mouse!
    It makes a lot more sense in a first first shoot. Think of it like this; the mouse or joystick is like the top of your head.

  21. Anonymous

    :S I dont get the inverting thing, I always just play it as default, I hate it when you press up to look down, so annoying!

  22. Quillicit

    Invert that sucka!

  23. Middlerun

    I invert the X-axis.

  24. Phrank

    I don’t think I have a single FPS for my PS2. I do almost always invert for my various third person platformers.

  25. Rickard Olsson

    Always invert – pushing forward is like leaning forward which causes you to look down.

  26. Mattz

    Gaming consoles? Invert. The hand that’s doing the moving up or down is the hand farther back on the gun, so moving it up actually causes the tip to turn DOWN.

    PC? I have a trackball mouse -_- and when I don’t, I don’t invert.

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