February 20th, 2009

Celebrity Debtmatch

The Obama White House: Obama loses another cabinet nominee

Yeah I know that the national debt’s more the Treasury guy’s gig; work with me here.

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  1. bytethese

    Gold Bernie, comedy GOLD!! :)

  2. Nestor

    Truly amazing Bernie… My laptop screen is sort of small, so at first I was a bit confused until I scrolled down and scared the hell out of my cats by LOLing out loud.

  3. Anonymous

    HA! XD

  4. Free Porn

    Aaaannnd the crash that comes after this shot is equally equivalent!

  5. Danzigger


  6. Pete

    LOVE IT! You should send this in to the Washington Post!!

  7. ...?

    How does one Laugh Out Loud without it being out loud?

  8. Pierrick

    Obama is shaped like a banana.
    God I love Ferris Bueller. and your humour. It brings out the lolz in all of us.

  9. Josher

    HAH! Very funny. I figured it was a Ferris Bueller reference before I saw the caption. Well done, sir.

  10. Robert



  11. Mike

    Haha, it’s funnier if you’ve seen the movie and you know what happens to the car next…

  12. Strategia

    EPIC WIN. :D

  13. Neil (AoD)

    Pure genius. I loved Ferris Bueller too, this comic is just pure win.

  14. Bozzley

    “My old man pushes me around… I never say anything!”

    Go Bush Jr!

  15. Antony

    A Ferris reference /and/ a clever pun?

    My cup runneth over!

  16. Indy

    gotta quote Strategia on that one!
    Epic win! LOL! :D

  17. holokaustos

    Nice one, Bernie. Your true talent!

  18. CrazyDrumGuy

    Nicely done! But you do remember that in the movie the car goes out the window when they try this, right? Then we’d have to move on to nominee #9.

  19. cobent

    HaHa…its funny because its true…..

  20. scoundoptonee

    Thank you!

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  22. Obesiden

    Knowing that its Obama, it probably would go right over his head. Nicely done!!

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