January 29th, 2009

Lost in My Eyes

Obviously I need to give this site some more love. Stay tuned…

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  1. Veronica

    *OMG* you’re back!

    This is so hysterical. “Where’s my unborn son Walt?” *snort*

  2. Acin Orev

    It’s finalized. Your comics need more bacon. Or lost fetii. I can’t decide which.

  3. Me

    Bernie, dude. Seriously, you are never un-funny. I totally didn’t get any part of this. I do like bacon however. :)

  4. Nadia

    I don’t get it…Lost?

  5. Crystal

    Dude, welcome back! I dont do bacon man… now that I think about it, I dont do Lost either lol
    For the same reason I dont do bacon…its too damned confusing!

  6. Erin

    Yeah… it’s about that tv show, LOST— I get it most even I only have heart to watch first season…the only good season in whole series, I heard.

  7. Antony

    Love it. The art style you’ve chosen to illustrate (!) the feeling is particularly amusing.
    Applause applause, Bernie.

  8. Chris

    Perfect. “Lost” was initially so promising as a “Survivor meets Predator” premise. I bailed out by episode three.

  9. Neil (AoD)

    I’ll wait for the DVD boxset with all the seasons. Or go to youtube and watch highlights.

    Nice to see IYSS back :)

  10. ouch

    God, it’s so true.

  11. bburgis

    This is a better explanation than any of the full hour series premiere night summaries they do. Quick what year is it now?

  12. bburgis

    …oh and they have given a new face to the Star Trek expendable red shirt crewman #6; the neverbefore seen until this episode surviving passenger ready to die…

  13. phillip

    I’m sorry but the biggest mystery has to be ‘how come the fat guy has not lost any weight yet?’ is he eating the other passengers????

  14. StKev


  15. Tara

    Thank God Michael died. Maybe he ate the bacon. Feed it to Walt too. Good riddance!

  16. Quillicit

    Lost is obnoxiously cluttered with mysteries, but to anyone who’s actually followed it, you have to admit they do a decent job of making each episode a complete experience – leaving you satisfied yet wanting more. Like good sex. And by good sex of course I mean sex wrapped in bacon.

    With that said, freakin’ hilarious, Bernie. You may have your choice of one of my daughters.

  17. shane

    even after 4.3 seasons i am still lost but enjoying the ride more each day. and the satire you offer up makes it even better. gad i love inside jokes.

  18. Jessimo

    This is the best one yet, Lost makes baby jebus cry. Two good seasons and then blam! Nothing makes sense. Plus let’s flash bacon is possibly the best line I’ve ever seen in a comic.

  19. Radu

    So true…

  20. n2j3

    haha, one of your best indeed. Lost has lost the plot for a couple of seasons now… they’re just struggling , and it’s really obvious.

  21. Mischi

    Now all you need is some psychedelic agony, and u’lll be there;)

  22. xr6turbo

    Being a die hard LOST fan even i had a damn good laugh.
    You are right it is starting more questions damn questions and giving no answers.

  23. Me

    “Let’s flash Bacon” make me think of Kevin Bacon. Eeeeeewwww.

  24. co_bent

    LADIES and GENTLEMEN….. Bernie HOU!!!! He’ll be here all week. Please tip you waitress…….

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  26. holokaustos

    Leave aLp and do this. Please. I beg you.

  27. Austen

    Oh man, that’s great. As usual. Thanks for summing up how I feel about Lost so perfectly. :D

  28. ??

    Not funny.

    Not at all.

  29. Jeff

    Sorry, holokostos, I don’t agree. AlP is MUCH funnier than IYSS. Plus, as much as I love Bernie, he can’t draw for shit.

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