November 17th, 2008

Change Dot Love

Washington Post: Obama to deliver weekly address on YouTube
YouTube: ChangeDotGov channel

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  1. Bernie H.

    Barack Obama’s YouTube channel

  2. keshav


  3. The Kerth

    “Michelle reacts to 2 girls, 1 cup” = LMFAO :)

  4. Samantha


  5. extra88

    I think this might be the best yet.

  6. matt

    LOL! The “Not bad, but still, death to America” response is wicked funny! Oh man. Thanks!

  7. Henrik

    he he he, pretty cool. We’re happy about the outcome in Denmark….

  8. mooserella the magnificent

    You made me snarf my root beer! That’s awesome!!!

  9. chazbot

    PresidentErect44. hehe. good puns.

  10. bigphat1

    Aahh….this one’s a keeper Bernie

  11. Rogue

    Definitely my favorite IYSS so far, it’s just so perfectly in tuned with the times.

    I’ve been posting a link to the comic by itself on various forums I browse under the guise of a ‘real’ YouTube link (Incidentally, Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up), and much hilarity has ensued. A few have even admitted to “waiting for the video to load”. Awesome comic Bernie!

  12. Antony

    Those last two “video replies” were indeed snarf-worthy. Another good one, Bernie!

  13. DojaSmoker


  14. Neil (AoD)

    Sheer class… :D

  15. Rae

    :] brilliant. Just brilliant. I can’t find one thing that isn’t funny.

  16. Chak

    I like George Bush’s response.. hahaha

  17. nick

    Makes me wanna click the ‘video’. I wonder what would make Obama show 2 girls 1 cup to Michelle.

  18. Herr_Alien

    Leave Barack alone ! :))

  19. Lukstaar

    lol, excellent!! love the video responses!!

  20. Thelonemonk

    Best yet, Bern.

    “By the way, I’m only half black, you know” I always wondered: “Which half”? Too bad if it’s just the top half, I mean, well, for Michelle’s sake anyway….

  21. alex

    wow, best one so far!!

  22. Jeff

    Getting better, but ALP is still funnier – sorry dude.

  23. Phrank

    No, Jeff, you shouldn’t be sorry…It’s US who should be sorry. We’re sorry you can’t get over ALP…We recognize that you have a problem – namely, the lack of a life – but until you recognize it yourself, you’re the only person who can help you. If you need a hug or anything though, we’re all here for you.

  24. Josh

    I like this site because you ignore it just as much as you did ALP! Awesome!

    And a preemptive comment to Phrank and the like… the point of a “Comments” section is so readers can express their opinions – yes, even opinions that stop shy of placing Bernie’s testicles in their mouth and sucking gently. The cult of personality in this comments section can sometimes reach Claymaniac levels of retardation.

  25. sureal

    gee…make a joke about Obama and you’re never heard from again

  26. alex

    Happy oh-nine Bernie!


  27. Doug Newby

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  28. Akihiko

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