November 12th, 2008

Proposition Hate

LA Times: Schwarzenegger tells backers of gay marriage: Don’t give up

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  1. Ninja Harry

    YES! I love this, and it needed to be said. Bigots are quicker to put down homosexuals because they aren’t afraid of them like they are of black people.

  2. Veronica

    Nice one. I voted “NO” on Prop 8.

    And… “first”!

  3. Veronica

    Uh… ok I’ll stop doing that. It’s probably annoying… especially when I get it wrong… :)

  4. Teal'c


  5. Neil (AoD)


    For all the biggots out there:

    1) Most of you are immigrants anyway, as are most ‘Americans’ (Native Americans are the only true Americans).
    2) Gay people are not evil- there are more evil straight people thah gay people (murderers, rapists, kiddy fiddlers etc).
    3) Black people will kick you ass; I seem to recall lazy americans using slave labour, so you are responcible for all the evil non-whites in your country anyway pretty much; us Brits just sold you them :D

    It never ceases to amaze me how dumb people in posistions of power and influcence actually are quite often…

  6. me

    Looks like Michael Richards is an IYSS fan!

  7. Hmmm

    First of all: If your here ILLEGALLY, make it legal or leave. There is a process, follow it.
    Second: Who cares if your gay? Let gay people get married, let them get divorced, let them fight it out in court, I don’t care, it really doesn’t matter.
    Third: Affirmative Action SUCKS! If you are black, white, Mexican, African, Indian, Polish, male, female, both or neither, you should be qualified for the job based on your knowledge of it, not because of your background. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just as ignorant as the common racist.

    Evil knows no form and knows every form. Evil exists in all races, genders and religions, the only difference is whether or not it’s been sensationalized or brought to attention.

    O.K., off the soapbox for now. Good one Bernie, although I didn’t like the portrayal of “The angry white guy” as the main protagonist. I personally know plenty of “Minorities” that feel the same way…although they articulate it in a much more respectable manner!

  8. Todd

    Um, Neil, not to put too fine a point on it:
    1) By your definition ‘Native Americans’ are immigrants too (they arrived from Siberia), they have been here longer than the rest of us, but they are just as much immigrants as anyone else. Anyone born here is a true American, in spite of what divisive folks like McCain or Palin may say about Real America.
    2) Proportionally speaking, there are as many evil gays as straights if you examine the numbers of convictions. Gays are neither more nor less evil than straights (we are just naturally better dressed and witty, not evil).
    3) I seem to recall lazy Brits using slave labor until 1807, so I would avoid throwing stones at the lazy Southerners, we Yankees are responsible for treating black people as humans instead of chattel.

    People in power have nothing to do with these actions, it is the moronic mob mentality of the voters who are easily stirred up against easily targeted groups (not to say that you are wrong about how ignorant people in power can be).

  9. JustJoe

    As far as gay marriage goes, I think the solution is to get the gov’t out of the marriage business. Marriage is simply a contractual relationship and/or a religious/superstitious bonding. Any two, or more, parties who are able to legally give consent should be able to marry, it should be between them and their lawyers. As far as gov’t benefits for married people, eliminate them right now. As a single man, I’m tired of subsidizing your lifestyle choice.
    I think letting millions of felons roam free is a bad idea in any country, the US seems to be the only one to tolerate it and subsidize it.
    Affirmative action is discrimination and should be eliminated.

  10. Antony

    Well done, Bernie.
    It’s funny because it’s true.

  11. Scott

    Nice, though I disagree with ILLEGAL immigrants being given the same rights as LEGAL immigrants who pay taxes. I agree with Joe about affirmitive action. It was a good handicap to help abolish racism, now it’s only holding us back. Then again I’m getting tired of black history month when there isn’t a latino history month or an asian history month. Why stop there? Women history month because of their fight for equality. Homosexual, jewish, and Jehovawitness history month because of their persecution during WWII. I mean it’s important to learn about Martin Luther King and equality but a whole month every year seems excessive and in all reality throughout school I hated Feburary because we’d always go back and talk about how terrible white people were for keeping blacks down. It’s a little excessive and I think it’s self defeatism.

  12. The Cheat

    Awesome, B!
    Though… the dude’s mouth in prop 8 is distracting… looks like squirtle.
    Nice one Todd, I totally agree.
    I also agree with JustJoe and Scott on the black history month topic. Nailed it, dude.

  13. StKev

    There is no such thing as race.
    We are all the same species.
    Bigotry is the bastion of those who feel unempowered. They are scary but also pitiable.

  14. StKev

    … And apparently they like to wear their hats backwards!

  15. Neuticle

    Hey Whiny Crackers, if you want the people who pick your lettuce to pay taxes, be prepared to pay five bucks a head, or shut up…
    And Bernie, you’re continuing to RULE!
    ’nuff said

  16. Bard

    Lee – I think the point is that most people can’t afford to pay $5 for a head of lettuce. If you’re prepared to, you’re obviously much better off than anybody for whom illegal work is a reality. Fact is, your economy thrives on illegal work. Enjoy the fruits of it.

  17. Biscuitboy

    Hey Bernie.
    You’ve nailed it this time. Look at the number of comments this one strip has generated.
    Keep it up.

  18. Neil (AoD)

    1) If you believe scientologists, we’re all aliens! Good point though- born in America or two Americans away from home = American.
    2) You’re right, George Michael is the son of satan. I suppose what bothers me is the narrow minded minority who think being gay is just plain wrong, and can be cured = Sarah Palin (thank fuck you didnt vote those douche bags into power). Im far more open minded and enlightend, though yes, my dress sense is appauling compared to yours I bet.
    3) I agree- us Brits were right bastards in the past, but by comparison, we’re alot better these days (now we just dont like guys from the middle east). I agree also that people should be judged by their skills and intellect, not their skin color or race- something that the Ozzies are having issues with, in regards to employing whites vs Aboriginies (sp).

    Live and let live…

  19. Piper

    This is awesome Bernie. And hey… Did you think that people would be arguing politics because of your comics? (I know I am not innocent of this lol). America is definately an explosive mass of opinions right now. Good on ya, though ^^

  20. jeffro

    @Neuticle and Bard:
    I have done absolutely zero research on this, but I find it hard to believe, in this day and age, that some type of machine doesn’t exist to help automate the harvesting of lettuce. I suppose it’s more of a “niche market” than wheat or corn, but seriously, it has to be harvested by hand? Something deep within me wants to call “shenanigans”.

    And I’m willing to bet that $5 lettuce won’t bring this country to its knees. Yeah, sure, some people can’t get enough of the stuff. And a damn lot of people are like myself and can easily go a month without consuming it.

  21. KTin NYC

    Scott, there are actually quite a few illegal immigrants who do pay taxes. In particular, I have several friends who are illegal immigrants and own businesses here in NYC, and thus pay more in taxes than many citizens. How can they be illegal and own businesses? Good question. One they would love to know the answer to, as it doesn’t seem fair that they can financially support our government and yet not be allowed legal status. In case you haven’t noticed, citizenship isn’t easily obtained by people from certain parts of the world.

  22. adrian

    American farmers are not required to pay overtime. Stop and think a minute. How hard do you suppose is it to find legal workers who are willing to work for 6.55 an hour and NOT get time and a half after 40 hours? What would happen to food prices if farms were required to pay overtime?

  23. NiNjA

    Personally, I think that they government should stop sticking their noses into marriage.
    If two gay people want to get married why not let them? It shouldn’t be up to the gov’t
    or the stupid religious people around the world who think it’s a sin to be gay and marry.

    It’s a freakin’ free country.


  24. Griffinhart

    HR4437: Illegal immigrants /should/ be felons. They’re called “illegal” immigrants for a reason. There are processes set up for immigrating into the United States. It’s not like the government is saying “No immigrants, whatsoever!” Hell, there are no immigration limitations set by the US against its neighboring countries (Canada and Mexico). That means that any number of Canadian and Mexican citizens can immigrate to the US every year (unlike with other countries, which the US /does/ have a limitation on immigrants from, per year). I really don’t see why people from Canada and/or Mexico would want to immigrate illegally, unless they wanted to avoid certain US laws and procedures that all US citizens must follow (for example, paying taxes). I fully support the idea of deporting illegal immigrants. If you want to come to the US, do what all the legals did.

    (And really, stop using the argument that “all Americans are illegal immigrants except for Native Americans”. Yes, what the Europeans did to American Indians was atrocious. Yes, what the country known as “The United States of America” was, if not even worse, just as bad. But are the Native Americans tribes currently the reigning members of the federal government? No.)

    Proposition 8: If I still lived in California, and had I been of voting age at the time, I’d've definitely voted against Prop. 8. It really pisses me off that some Barack dude gets voted president ‘cuz he talks about change, but then California decides to take a step backwards. GBLT people are still people, and as such should be entitled to the same rights as any other people.

    Affirmative Action: I’m against affirmative action. I’m against racism – even the “beneficial” sort that is affirmative action. And it /is/ racism, y’know. Think of all those college scholarships there are for people who just happen to be African/black or Hispanic/Latin. Hell, think of all those schools built specifically by black people for black people. Notice how the people/organizations backing those things never take flak for being racist. If there were a scholarship given only to white people on the basis that they are white, there’d be a media firestorm about that and civil rights protests.

    (And, for those of you who would like to accuse me of having this position on this issue due to my being white – you’re idiots. I’m Vietnamese. Both my parents are Vietnamese, and their parents were Vietnamese [I say "were" because all my grandparents are deceased]. Hell, I wasn’t even born in the USA.)

    – Griffinhart

  25. ichidogu

    funny clip about illegal immigration

    about AA… i think the government shouldn’t have to enforce it. but if it’s like magic johnson, a business owner, choosing to promote a certain group it’s ok, it’s his company.

  26. Dede

    Why do those whom we elect to represent us not see the hyracpocy of their ways? They tell us that we have this wonderful Medicare Prescription Drug Program that benefits many of our elderly, but don’t tell us that what they’ve created is another program that like Social Security and Medicare will be bleeding red within five years and will thus be too costly for the government to continue to subsidize.They don’t tell us that the drug companies continue to increase the costs of drugs that have already been developed, approved and are currently being sold. In fact the GAO has indicated that some drugs have increased by up to 200% in just the past two years.They don’t tell us that the government supplements the cost that seniors are paying to the insurance companies for the Medicare Part D premiums up to $140 per month per participant and that by estimates of GAO and Medicare actuaries, the cost of this program will be a lot more than the $480 billion cost that the President has indicated, in fact more in the range of over $800 billion. As the government withdraws its susidies of the Medicare Part D premiums, the insurance companies will pass on the higher premium costs to the seniors. Seniors will then have to deal with double digit increases in both Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D premiums. Even with COLA adjustments of 3% per year on their Social Security benefits, seniors relying on Social Security as their sole source of income will not be able to keep up with the soaring costs of Part B and Part D premiums as well as the other increases in the cost of living that we all face each year.The idea of providing a Prescription Drug Program for seniors is a great idea, but why did they have to make this so complicated. The fact that each insurance company has their own drug formulary, and that these formularies can and will change from year to year, and that drugs can and will be dropped from an insurer’s formulary, and that drug costs will increase annually (see above) requires seniors to review the many different Medicare Part D Plans available to them each year. This is necessary in order to ensure that the prescription drugs that the seniors need are in fact going to be provided by the insurer who provides the senior with his/her Medicare Part D Program benefits. If the seniors don’t shop each year, they may find that they will be paying premiums for a Medicare Part D Plan that will not provide them with all of the prescription drugs that they need.The Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program was supposed to help the low income seniors who cannot afford the cost of their prescription drugs, yet many of these same seniors cannot navigate through this very complicated program on their own. If there is no one to assist them, some of these neediest seniors may, as a result, end up with no Part D plan and thus be subject to the 1% monthly premium penalty for each month that they do not participate in a Medicare Part D Plan.Why can’t they let Medicare negotiate discounts with the drug companies for 45 million Medicare beneficiaries in the same fashion as the Veterans Adminsistration? We could be seeing discounts of up to 40% to 50%. Then we can put together a Medicare Prescription Drug program after these discount prices are in place using just one formulary developed and maintained by Medicare for all insurers to use. Competition among the insurers can be maintained by encouraging them to reduce their administrative costs. The new Medicare Prescription Drug Program should also allow seniors to purchase drugs at Costco and Walmart which are charging much less for generic drugs than most of the chain pharmacies.We can and must do better!

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