October 8th, 2008

Pop Up Debate

Chicago Tribune: CNN says graph shows what viewers think, but can we digest all that?

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  1. Aggnaught

    Please for the love of all that is holy, let Obama win.

  2. Neil (AoD)

    If he knows how to catch Bin Laden, why hasnt he yet? Answer: he talks bullshit to get elected, just like any other douche bag politican. And disposable cameras? Who uses them these days- supporters of douche bags. Good luck America, you’re gonna need it if he gets into power….

  3. twoeightnine

    I noticed the cameras last night, they must have given them out and said no digital cameras for some reason.

  4. Antony

    I watch the Pop-Up Video reruns daily.
    This tickled me especially.
    Thaaaaaaaaanks, Bernie.
    At least I’m not the only one who remembers the show, even if I AM the only one left who watches it.

  5. ninjac

    There were digital cameras there too. I thought it was kinda cute seeing all the people with disposable cameras flashing away…

    Antony – where do you watch the reruns? I loved that show!!!

  6. Ubik

    Ahh, a good laugh. I’ve been needing one of these, with how grim the economy is. Thanks, Burnie.

  7. Josh

    Anybody here remember how Nixon said he had a “secret plan” to get out of Vietnam, and how that plan turned out to be right on the money? Yeah, me neither.

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  9. StKev

    3rd panel did it for me. Yay Barack! Boo McStates!

  10. StKev

    Can’t you see? The disposable cameras belong to the McCain supporters. Figures, don’t it?

  11. nod_buggy

    I’m liking the IYSS – but unlike A-l-P, all your political cartoons fail to stick out from everybody else who makes fun of conservatives, IMO. Everything else is hilarious. My two cents….
    (btw, point of interest, everybody blames bush for this – but who controlled congress for the past four years?)

  12. Anonymous

    John McStates of America cracked me up.

    They probably handed out the disposable cameras and banned digital cameras because people could have taken video with digital cameras. Not like it won’t be all over YouTube on the hour anyway.

  13. Henrik

    My God, If you people don’t let Obama win…. Europe and Denmark in particular is praying for you.

  14. Phrank

    Um, four years? First off, it’s said that the democratic party won the majority in 2006, preceded by what I believe is either a 12 or 16 year Republican majority. Now, while the majority’s noticeable in the House, in the Senate they have a 51-49 majority, except one of ‘em’s Joe Lieberman.

    I’m saying nothing about our congress being all that great, but do these two piddly years really wash the republicans hands of much at all?

  15. Hinotori

    Hey Bernie, IYSS is great stuff. Please don’t stop!

  16. Aurelyn

    Brilliant. I was creased up all the way through the debate too, mind you :)

  17. Knud Karl

    F*cking great as usual Bernie

  18. Lotusduck

    If we’re calling him Maverick we have to call his running mate Goose.

  19. Harvey

    If Osama (an avowed socialist), should win we are definitely screwed. Ican not believe how many people are swallowing the Kool-Aid, ie, Jim Jones, for this person. Still got tolove political satire.

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