October 1st, 2008

Upcoming iPhone features

Wired: IPhone 2.2: Safari Redesign, Possible Cut and Paste

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  1. Matt

    Love the SFII reference! Also, the robot. how sweet would that be. Oh man.
    I think I… nope.. I did. I finished.

  2. Cyberwasteland

    Why is there STILL no copy paste!?
    Go robot mode! :)

  3. Rat

    wow. so true. no copy and paste is easily the biggest problem, alongside the whole “lets not even let them have their own wallpapers” problem…. jailbreak ftw.

  4. Antony

    Again, a string of ‘Ha.’ panels followed by a final ‘Ha!’panel.
    Another well-done strip, Bernie.

    Although I suppose it would be funnier if I had an iPhone. But alas, I do not.


    It bothers me that there is a market for iPhones at all.

  5. vrfish

    you are so right on! we MAC folks have a secret laugh club, eh? Jokes only we understand. ANYWAY, I’m still trying to figure out the whole .mobi thing- another kettle of fish, I guess.

  6. Neil (AoD)

    I agree with Antony- a mobile phone is just that, a phone which is mobile. If I want to look at porn, or or send emails, or buy someone elses old crap, I have a computer at hime for such a purpose.

    Nice comic Bernie, did make me lol, even though I dont own an iPhone.

  7. nick

    Heh. The robot seems to be from that mod somebody did on the MotoRokr E6. I have that phone.

    Oh, and I also have the Neo Freerunner – the supposed iPhone killer, which can’t seem to learn how to trip on its toes.

    Woe is me.

  8. nick


    how *not* to trip on its toes…

  9. Anonymous

    I totally dig the Dinosaur Comics reference in the last example :-D

  10. gsekse

    HAH!, ok laughing done now. The robot really looks like “Questionable Content”‘s robot characters! (or is it just me?)

  11. Victoria

    Loved the Robot

  12. Noah

    Robot mode, check.

  13. Paul

    Oh Bernie, you slay me! That was pretty funny man. :)

  14. Indy

    This one really made me laugh! ^^
    Apple products are somewhat over-hyped anyways, imo :)

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  16. James

    Only 3 speeds for Kate’s massager? I would have thought the “touch” screen allowed for something more…

  17. Brettt

    Hahaha! Oh my, Bernie. You never fail to make me smile, you jokester, you. :3 Feel free to throw out more Mac humor anytime. Also… This is probably the first string of comments I have read yet on IYSS with no one bitching about aLp/comparisons. YAY TEAM!! Nice to see that we can stop whining if we really put our minds to it.

  18. JJ

    @ Rat… As concerns the wallpaper “issue”, if you touch a photo and hold for a couple of seconds, you’ll have an option to save the image. Look in your photo album afterward. Hope that helps.

  19. Marvin Lalihatu

    Loved it!

    Nice work with IYSS.
    When ALP stopped, I was really worried, but I love IYSS 2!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  20. Simon Rochelle

    Lets not forget, it cant recieve picture messages via mms like the rest of the world and also, you cant even forward your text messages. Go figure!

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  22. dr marcell

    Old news – With 2.1 installed, the battery life is much better and no more Safari problems , so stop your bitching, update your phone, Or go out and buy a gPhone.

  23. seagoon

    Wow. Apple fanboys can’t recognize humor. What a surprise. Did you really come here looking for news, dr marcell?

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    73 diggs in 7 hours 22 minutes? whats going on here?

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  26. lol


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  28. Jeffro

    the OpenMoko project has made it abundantly clear that the software stack is very much a work in progress. That’s why there’s one GTK+ dominated GUI, another relying on Qtopia/Qt Extended, and still another relying on Enlightenment. It is an iPhone killer in the respect that once you buy it, it is truly and completely yours. Had you read anything other than “open-spec hardware, open-source software, CC-ed CAD files for the casing!”, you’d know better than to expect true polish from a user’s perspective at this point in the game.

    Anyway, great comic, burnie!

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  31. Chamius

    Right on, brilliant!
    iFeelyourpain owner.

  32. Ad Infinitum

    Only thing about the iphone that’s worth anything is the web browser. And that’s because of the crash screen color picker ;)

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