September 25th, 2008

Alien Loves Predator #256

For newcomers, this is the latest episode of my original comic, Alien Loves Predator. For long-time fans, if there’s any crap posted comparing aLp with IYSS I swear to you I will SUSPEND MY PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN ENTIRELY.

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  1. Craig

    Heh, funny buy I prefer IYSS anyway.

    Don’t give in Bernie, they’ll suck you in and then…..


  2. Jim

    One word: YAY!

  3. huge savings on your presidential campaign entirely

    Oh no! Not your presidential campaign entirely!

    Nice comic. I’m NOT going to compare it with IYSS!

  4. What she said

    *angelic chourus in the back round*

  5. Priest_Z

    Nice to see Abe and Pres. I miss AlP…

  6. Rae

    those that keep comparing ALP to IYSS can just go suck one. :]

  7. Craig

    Hey Bernie, are the strips done from life experience? Ouch!

    Nice to see Abe and Preston but keep up the good work with IYSS. :) Lovin’ both comics!

  8. berkinix

    If you’re gonna suspend your campaign, make sure you publically ask Senator Obama to do the same. (Wait, does that mean Obama gets to compare ALP to IYSS?) Lovin’ both your works, Bern.

  9. wrincewind

    they sure love to take their time while drinking coffee, eh?

  10. gamertags

    aLp is similar to IYSS in the sense that I thoroughly enjoy each of them.

  11. nick

    Hey Bernie! I am fine with you doing IYSS and aLp alternately…as long as it has a semblance of consistency. Your political comments on aLp used to be quite funny, but I guess all that planning, photography and photoshopping are quite tedious as compared to drawing caricatures.

    By the way, Sarah Palin on Jay Leno’s jeopardy was very funny. Does she really talk like that?

  12. Humble_Budoka

    Well, Bernie, I gotta say it. You kinda suck. I went back and read through IYSS from the start, and it doesn’t really look like anything you needed to abandon AlP for. You have fallen the way of far too many talented webcomic artists, and I doubt I’ll be coming back. Thanks for the laughs, while they lasted, but there’s a lot more funny on my internets than you seem interested in delivering, a single AlP bone-throw notwithstanding. Good-bye.

  13. Anonymous

    Goodbye Budoka. It’s trolls like you, shooting down what people want to do just because you don’t like it, that make me thankful that people bother posting their creativity on the internet at all.

  14. Mattz


    Budoka, nobody really cares what you think.

    But, it’s not like anybody really is going to bother reading what you have to say just to see that you’re a whiny bitch.

  15. nick

    Bernie, how do people post a story suggestion? The page does not have any link for that, I think.

    By the way, why don’t you do that for aLp, too?

  16. Jon B

    Great aLp comic. I’m glad Preston and Abe aren’t gone yet. Keep up the great work, for both aLp and IYSS.


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