September 15th, 2008

Google Street View

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  1. Neil (AOD)


    Whats wrong with a good old A to Z road map anyway?….

  2. Robin

    ALP heritage FTW! i miss abe and preston.

  3. Chamomiles Davis

    It’s creepy when you think about it: Orwell was right, he was just off by 24 years.

  4. refectory

    A paper street map can’t stay up to date on traffic, construction, nor can it map my trip instantly or show me what my destination looks like. It also takes up space (in my very cluttered car :D), gets lost, ripped, etc. I used to use a laminated street map of my city all the time – now, if I’m confused on where I’m going, I use Google Maps beforehand and print it out if needed. Even if I have to go back in the house and open up a browser, it’s probably quicker than flipping through a couple dozen pages in the book – and certainly more reliable.

  5. Robert

    Too funny. The last panel, it’s priceless! “We blurred out her face” …. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  6. Bzero

    What’s wrong with a good old printed comic, anyway? This damned Internet… it’s just a fad, I tell ya! Back in my day…

  7. gsekse

    OKAY! This is the first of the new comic that made me laugh out loud.

    Very funny Bernie, the others made me smile, but I laughed at this one for sure.

    “Whoelse would be passed out on my lawn”, I dunno, maybe you son or daughter??

  8. Aggnaught

    It’s a little freaky when I pull up a street view of my house and … oh look, there’s my car! Oh and hey, I’m sitting in it.

    What are the odds on that?

  9. Angus

    This is the best one of the new series, and it’s the one that is the most reminiscent of ALP. Not a coincidence.

  10. Antony

    Ha! Very, very funny.

    Nice one, Bernie.

  11. berkinix

    Gawd, that was soooo funny! It’s even funnier to me because my sister called me a while back because she saw some report about Google Street View on the news. I think you might be referring to that same Australian guy who was passed out drunk in his yard. Seriously, I almost pissed myself. Hope they blurred my face.

  12. Thelonemonk

    God uses mapquest…..I’m dying of giggles here. Dying I tell ya.

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  14. Herr_Alien

    Ah, yes, the wonderful technology :) that allowes you to do pretty much anything. I’m talking about face blurring, but of course!
    Good one, Bernie!

  15. Haikubaby

    When old BeOS icons attack

  16. Munan

    God uses mapquest got me lol’ing

  17. Web 2.0 Announcer

    Stay Out of My Life, Google Street View! [COMIC]…

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  18. Rich T

    Don’t laugh…

    …Google may be tuning in; and getting ideas!!!

  19. Mapper99

    Very funny! More here:

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  21. whakapapa

    “Doctors remove benign lesion from Bush’s forehead ”

    thats is my news article suggestion for you

  22. Jeff

    Does anyone else have a large number of superstitious colleagues that think that the satellites are live, and overly dramatize the whole thing even though they don’t understand the workings of “them internets” one bit? We fear the unknown… 1984 will never happen because we won’t let it happen. Calm down already…

  23. Jeremy

    Missing the characters I could follow… Growing weaker in loyalty… Starving for a laugh… Must..hold…on!!

  24. KylaPan

    “God uses Mapquest”

    LOL’ing all the way home, my friend!

  25. Rizuki Wantabe

    The point is very clear to me.
    It seems that some people like to hide their body from the google bot, which became to powerful to care about regular people.

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  27. Aurelyn


  28. Don'tTakeMyStreetViewDammit

    There are millions of panoramic photos taken by Google in several countries, and all we can come up with are one or two unconscious drunk guys and a few dozen other embarrassing shots. It’s the press and blogosphere which have launched all the Street View victims into notoriety, not Google. I love Street View, but Google might need to invest some man (or woman) hours into removing these pictures before publishing them, otherwise the paranoiacs will kill the project.

  29. Noah

    I’d love it if giant cursors would drag and drop us everywhere. The only way to fly.

  30. Jazzy

    LMAO! My god, this is hilarious.

  31. john

    nice one…:)))

  32. Mark

    this would be better if the first photo had a guy passed out in the lawn

  33. Tina

    LMAO! Great link!!

  34. kim

    I am a ups driver and i use this program all the time this is funny

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    I’d like to see, on Google Street View, where that last panel occured.

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  39. Brandon

    “Don’t worry. We blurred out her face”
    rofl. Funny as hell

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