September 5th, 2008

Gait may be associated with orgasmic ability

“A new study found that trained sexologists could infer a woman’s history of vaginal orgasm by observing the way she walks… The results showed that the appropriately trained sexologists were able to correctly infer vaginal orgasm through watching the way the [16 female Belgian university students] walked over 80 percent of the time.”


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  1. Chad

    Wouldn’t mind to see how they could figure that out

  2. TheARRGH

    Best use of your time ever, or BESTEST use of your time ever?

  3. Neil (AOD)

    What gets me is they say ‘vaginal orgasm’… what other kinds of orgasm are there, or shouldnt we go there; literally.

    Anyway, so I should be looking out for girls with a long stride who swing their hips alot, and thats the giveaway that they’re nymphos? Sweet…..

  4. forumpostar

    >What gets me is they say ‘vaginal orgasm’… what other kinds of orgasm are there, or shouldnt we go there; literally.

    Well, since you went there….a vaginal orgasm is one that occurs during penetration. And yes, there are MANY other kinds….. ;D

  5. Juxtaposition66

    Funny strip today. And Neil, a vaginal orgasm happens during penetration and happens the least often of any type of orgasm. Most women’s orgasms come from clitoral stimulation, and tend to be much more satisfying. I feel bad for any woman who is with a guy that doesn’t know the difference.

  6. Nadia

    I want to be a sexologist…

  7. Antony

    Nice one, Bernie.

  8. Mi

    Love will tear us apart,
    atleast one of us;D

  9. mattz



    that’s what SHE said

    and in a very menacing tone too

  10. Andrew

    Neil (AOD) – Um, clitoral? You gotta get out more…

  11. KylaPan

    I want to know how you came across this article, Bernie…

  12. Mike

    LMAO at “synchronized muff diver,” Bernie.

  13. Web 2.0 Announcer

    Damn… Look at the Ass on that One! [COMIC]…

    [...]Men are all sexologists at heart.[...]…

  14. Jason

    Don’t knock it…sometimes ‘knowing’ the difference can ‘make’ a difference in your relationship.

  15. Number_Six

    Bernie, you totally have to make a “Synchronized Muff Diver” shirt and sell it.

  16. The Monk

    The Ohio Players already observed this phenomenon in that groovy ’70′s hit Fire:

    The way you walk and talk really sets me off
    To a fuller love, child, yes, it does, uh
    The way you squeeze and tease, knocks to me my knees
    ‘Cause I’m smokin’, baby, baby

    The way you swerve and curve, really wrecks my nerves
    And I’m so excited, child [Yeah], woo, woo
    The way you push, push let’s me know that you’re good
    [You’re gonna get your wish] Oh, yeah

  17. Louk

    That was done in a Belgian University? Holy sh*** maybe it’s my old one! I should look into that…

  18. ZanElephnot

    I for one welcome our new super-orgasmic female overlords.

  19. Jeremy

    Why couldn’t Abe and Preston make an appearance?
    I miss them so.

  20. Tina

    Do they have something to say about men too!!! LOL!! Would love to know from them!!

  21. uhlume

    @Juxtaposition66: And I feel bad for any woman who is with a guy that doesn’t know that “vaginal orgasms” are physiologically possible only for a small percentage of women, and fairly rare even then. If you want to be certain of making an impression, the clitoris is where it’s at.

  22. Kyle

    I wouldn’t be surprised at that being disproven in the near future. I think it’s more a matter of poor communication and poor technique that make vaginal orgasms so rare. I don’t think it has as much to do with a female’s inability to achieve orgasm as it does with the lack of proper stimulation. It could just be that penile-vaginal stimulation is poorly suited to vaginal orgasms, and not much else has been looked at (being a heteronormative, relatively vanilla society).

    And to both juxtaposition66 and uhlume, true vaginal orgasm are much, MUCH more satisfying than clitoral. If you want to put in the effort and make an impression, give her a vaginal orgasm. Going for the clitoral does give a higher chance of success, though. :-)

  23. forumpostar

    >And to both juxtaposition66 and uhlume, true vaginal orgasm are much, MUCH more satisfying than clitoral.

    Leave it to a man to tell a woman what type of orgasm she finds stimulating…

  24. solicitor bulgaria

    not funny, but still has some truthieness to it

  25. Xenobiologista

    OK, sample size of SIXTEEN subjects? From a scientific point of view this is ludicrous.

  26. Kyle

    Um, forumpostar, Kyle isn’t always a man’s name you know.

  27. dmd

    Hehe…I love the juxtaposition of the, for lack of better terms, “geeks” and the “jock” (I’m not trying to offend anyone here) and how they come to the same conclusion. :P

    I’m female and I find vaginal orgasms much more fulfilling than clitoral, but it depends, one: on the woman and her preferences, two: on the communication between partners and three: on whether both partners know how to use their bodies (aka technique and experience)

  28. cole

    if in doubt give her both.

  29. Matea

    love the pics !!! got into pussy pumping with my dad when i was yoengur (started off using one of his penis pumps on my vagina when i was about 10 years old) still into it now that i’m 22, and have put together a nice collection of cups and pumps, including ones for my clit, nipples, and boobs. still our favorite way to masturbate together, and even have a dual hose the can pump both dad and me at the same time. everyone should try it, you’ll probably like it

  30. Fernando

    Hi there my boyfriend asked me to use the p**y pump like this but I am araifd of injuries. He wanted to make my labia as big as he can, he show me some movies to illustrate the pump the lips of those girls are very big and like is made from jelly I don’t mind to do it but is it hurt and could you describe me how your labia feels after that. For how long it stays big

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