August 29th, 2008

Obama Accepts Nomination

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  1. Munan

    Oh, I really like this one. Very to the point, maybe not bwahahaha-funny, but sharp!

  2. TheARRGH

    We need this in graph form.

  3. Yep, yep, mhm, mhm

    His speech was really good, but it also support my disbelief in partisan politics.

  4. uncle scruff

    Brilliant!!! Still wish you were doing ALP, I can’t watch AVP without laughing now because of Abe and Preston. Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing some much needed laughter!

  5. j. b. whelan

  6. rick

    What next?

  7. Drone Daddy

    Yes, but can he play the saxaphone? Only time will tell.

  8. Anonymous

    Bernie this is hysterical. I love Uhura! ;)

  9. Anonymous

    It would suck that some White Supremist jerk off f**ktard would end up cutting his term real short though.

  10. annearchist

    Bernie – This was your best yet. The 2 x4 panel layout works with your sense of timing. I also like the use of photo-manipulation instead of all free-hand drawing. It reminds me more of ALP this way. I look forward to seeing your ongoing experimentation with IYSS. Thanks!

    j.b. – Forgive me for being cynical, but when I saw that hand-holding “History” image, the first thing I thought was, “What’s so history making about a white person restricting the movement of a black person?”

  11. hjcho

    Funny, but Louis Armstrong was anything but a musical goofball.

  12. Anonymous

    Seriously, I got subscribed here automatically and I wouldn’t normally unsubscribe, since your comics are pretty good, but, I’m already sick of your stupid US elections. I don’t care since I don’t live there, and if I did live there I still wouldn’t care. The web and the TV are so ridiculously full of it already that I literally want to puke, and on top of that you also serve this shit so. I AM SICK OF IT. So, thanks but no thanks – I’m unsubscribing. See ya.

  13. Tom

    He’s not president yet. Hopefully never will be. And not because of his color, but because of his politics.

  14. laura

    so, blacks can be all those things (yay, no question), but according to this piece, women can only be… sex objects? i KNOW, i’m over analyzing, i can hear groans of ‘o lord, feminazi takes the fun out of everything.’ ok, fine, i guess this IS coming from the creator of abe, the ladies’ alien…
    still. had to be said.

  15. Mort

    @laura: That’s so irrelevant. You could just as easily say, “guys with glasses can only be nerds?”, or “only 1 in 8 people can be musicians?”, or “asians can be… nothing?”

  16. Adrian

    @Tom: drop dead

  17. Tina

    Women can be more then sex Objects!! They can even bring the president down on his knees!!'neal-pleads-guilty

  18. Neil (AOD)

    @ laura; yes, all women are good for are cooking, cleaning, houesework and caring for children… not most of them are useless at all those tings anyway. Hope you feel validated now :)

    I dont quite get the Obama joke though about getting laid, unless it would be his wifes way of rewarding him for being made presidential nominee?

    I hate politics anyway….

  19. Antony

    Hah. The 1960s-70s caption-text is the source of lulz here.

  20. Antony

    Oh, also, @Neil: I wonder if she’ll call him “Mr. President” in bed?

  21. StKev

    For once the comic is better than the comments. And that’s not saying much.

  22. Derrick

    @ Tom: Yeah, who needs a pro-health care, pro-environment, anti-war, pro-domestic responisibility, Pro-choice, intelligent politician?

    What we need is another war-mongering, sell the environment to make money (send most of that money to the Chinese, don’t worry, it’ll work out) gridlock congress so that anything sensible can’t get through and then blame the opposing party for the lack of action president who is 2 shakes away from dying and letting a completely inexperienced (far more than Obama is supposed to be, I wonder what they’ll think up next to slur him on) and token vice-president into office who, within her few years in office, is already under investigation for abuse of power. Oh, and let’s not forget her ‘bridge to nowhere’ that she supported (and then rebuked when it became unpopular).

    Yeah, people in America are stupid enough that McCain will probably win.

  23. poop

    it’s amazing how unintelligent people are…. nobody seems to realize that socialism DOES NOT WORK. PERIOD. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result each time, and socialism is exactly that. trying the same thing over and over. the thing is, socialism squashes creativity, punishes success, rewards lazyness. oh, and “pro-choice”? he’s in favor of infanticide. look up the “born alive protection act”, he voted against it. if that isn’t infanticide, nothing is. and McCain picked a veep that’s a million times more qualified to be president than him, she’s actually had executive experience. what’s he had, hundred-something days in the senate and years as a “community organizer”? really, tell me ONE thing obama has accomplished. can you? in all his time, what are ANY of his accomplishments? ONE. name ONE. and “voting against the war” isn’t an accomplishment, he didn’t even do it! he wasn’t in the senate then! honestly, obama supporters are the definition of nievite.

  24. poop

    CLARIFICATION: the “him” i was talking about in line 6 is obama, not McCain.

  25. KylaPan

    Sucks for you, Bernie, bringing politics into the webcomic-going world. I apologize for all of the above comments. *I*, for one, love anything you create. It always makes me laugh! :-D

    To all you others: Please air your politics somewhere else. This is NOT the place for plitical debate, thankyouverymuch.

  26. Munan

    @ KylaPan

    Bernie makes a comic referring to the presidential election and you tell us this is not the place to discuss politics?

  27. wrincewind

    nope, it’s a place to discuss the comic. =P

  28. wrincewind

    also, loved the comic, but the political commentary down here gets on my nerves.

  29. Derrick

    1. Who says he’s a socialist? You Republicans, he isn’t. He wants universal healthcare, which does work. It’s been in Europe for years, and they haven’t become bankrupt or lose it’s soul.

    2. Abortion is controversial, you say kill a baby, I say that that baby was already dying/dead. I much more care about the feelings of a fully formed living breathing entity than a mass of cells that ‘are potential humans’.

    3. Yeah, her year and a half at being a governor are much better than Obama’s 8 years at being a state senator and his 3 years at being a U.S. Senator.

    4. “Obama sponsored legislation requiring nuclear plant owners to notify state and local authorities of radioactive leaks.[58] In December 2006, President Bush signed into law the “Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act,” marking the first federal legislation to be enacted with Obama as its primary sponsor.[59] In January 2007, Obama co-sponsored the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, which was signed into law in September 2007.[60] He introduced S. 453, a bill to criminalize deceptive practices in federal elections.[61] Obama also introduced the Iraq War De-Escalation Act of 2007. [62]”

    A little research is good for you. Yeah, Obama hasn’t done shit in 4 years. You need to stop listening to Faux News.

  30. Derrick

    Do I need to bring up McCain’s accomplishments? Like cheating on his wife, forgetting the number of houses he owns, or fighting against making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a holiday?

  31. MC Auto

    okay seriously, the headlines used to link to the original stories from news sources…. i mean i get the joke and everything, but i thought reading the related article was part of the fun too!

    or is there a link and i’m just retarded?

  32. MC Auto

    and so it is, the link’s right below the comic. embarassmentface.

  33. laura

    @Mort- you’d have a point, if not for those last two comments, made by tiger and barack, which are specifically not pigeon-holing glasses-wearers, 1 in 8 people, or asians into roles of nerd, musicians, or… non existence…? i admit, i might be making too much out of it; it was just the first thing that came to mind when i read it.
    now, back to heated political debate!

  34. Writer Wolf

    Let me just say that this is another brilliant comic. Some very subtle and dark irony here, keep up the amazing work!

  35. Claw

    We yet have to see IF a black man can become president of the US. [/Captain Obvious]

    It would be nice, but apparently feminazis have other plans. Remember Democrats for Nixon?

  36. lotusduck

    1. Thank you for not giving Urkel a voice.
    2. Tiger Woods is also Asian, so why don’t we see him in Bern’s “what Asians see” widescreen?
    3. There’s a lot of bitching in these comments. Instead of making tons of noise about people you think are ridiculous, make noise about what you actually like, what you want to happen. It’s easy to say what you don’t want and who you won’t vote for, but writing people and ideas off gets you nowhere if there’s nothing you actually will get behind. If you don’t think someone is relevant, don’t talk about them. If you think something isn’t the solution, come up with a better solution instead of raising hell against it. Nothing–not peace, not war, wind nor solar, is a flawless, costless solution. Everything and anything *might* not work and ridiculing other people’s solutions doesn’t spontaneously generate good policy.

  37. Rey Fox

    Hmm, I didn’t notice the “history of televisions” visual element. Nicely played. But why is Urkel the only guy to not have any dialogue? Poor Urkel…

    (Not counting the fellow with a trumpet in his mouth, would be kind of silly if he was talking)

  38. colonelbiggles

    Whoever designed this forgot that Louis Armstrong was around for decades before the 1940s. The 40s were the age of big band, not New Orleans Jazz.

  39. Nemo

    Europe hasn’t bankrupted itself because of universal health care? Would you care to share with us the tax rates in those countries? (I sometimes wonder how many of the people trumpeting “free universal health care” actually realize the source of the money for said health care.)

    Europe hasn’t lost its soul because of universal health care? Someone in Britain already has: This from “Britain’s leading moral philosopher” — how DOES one get such a title, anyway? (I’d wager it’s either self-granted, or granted by a group of her fellow travelers.) She certainly seems to be concerned about the financial elements of the NHS…

    For extra bonus points, note the quote,

    “Her comments in a magazine interview have been condemned as ‘immoral’ and ‘barbaric’, but also sparked fears that they may find wider support because of her influence on ethical matters.”

    It might be a while before we see someone publicly agreeing with her, but that’ll happen.

    Remember, a government big enough to give you everything, is also big enough to take it all away.

    And look at what she wants to take away.

  40. Talia

    Yes, they can.


  41. Jamesm

    Did they release another update to the way google ranks websites? Ive noticed over the past few days some websites seem to bounce from ranks one to page two etc. This high rate of fluctuation makes me wonder what bases determine a websites’s rankings and whether changes in the results are determined by changes made in Google’s system or within the websites itself. If I had to guess, I believe this determination is based on a combination of changes both within Google and persistent tweaking of a website that could keep it balanced somewhere on page one.

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