Alien Loves Predator lives on

I just finished doing a couple of interviews where I had to answer the expected questions about the fate of Alien Loves Predator and where this new site is heading, and it helped me be able to explain things with a little more clarity. I owe it to all of you to let you know what’s going on in my head.

aLp is not necessarily over. I did literally say it was “coming to an end”, but that was mostly because I was tired of waffling and dicking you around. I don’t really wanna stop doing it but it bugged me to go on “hiatus” again. But if that’s what we need to call it instead of shutting down altogether, then yeah, ok. I’ll try to keep doing a new aLp update every once in a while because it’s actually still fun. I just need a bit of a break from it.

In terms of IYSS… for those of you who love it and those of you who hate it: I really have no idea where I’m going with it. I mostly just wanted to have somewhere I can draw or write or take a piss with no rules. And right now it feels great, like I just put on a pair of boxers for the first time instead of briefs. Or like I’m having sex without a condom? Or any number of metaphors involving my genitals! Anyway, I’m still finding my way, still learning how to draw, still figuring out what kind of stuff I want to write about, and I’m havin’ a blast. I dunno where it’s all going, but I really appreciate that there’s so many of you comin’ along for the ride.

Thanks, that’s all for now, rock onwards.

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  1. _M_

    Yeah… you don’t owe anybody anything… except for maybe your family…and the govt. But if ALP was getting to be too much work, then, that’s just how it goes right? Besides, there are TONS of whites diggin’ the rap. It looks foolish, but whatever.

    Again, good job on both projects!

  2. Bzero

    Hah! When I started reading IYSS, I didn’t even realize you were the ALP guy! I do enjoy both projects, and since I’m not paying for either, you do whatever you’re inspired to do, and whenever you feel like doing it! We’ll be here to enjoy the fruits of your loins… er, I mean, creativity and humor.

  3. Purebreedalien

    Yes! WOO! I love ALP!

  4. BHonkus

    I just found ALP and really love it. There have been several times that I’ve laughed out loud, which I think says something about how funny it is. I can’t imagine what’s like to try and create something like that on a regular basis. I look forward to more of your stuff, but won’t hate you forever if you quit it all together…

  5. kimi

    i’m just happy to be here, really. glad to find you on the web, doing whatever you want to your genitals, it’s really not my business… but if this is the result, then, just let me know if i need to send you anything. lube. downey for the boxers. um. just as long as you’re happy and producing things to keep me from blowing my brains out. not that you’re on the hook or anything, but this is one of the places that life is just a lot happier to be. thanks ever so.

  6. E_nad

    I love ALP, they should both stop by the middle east someday :O)

  7. Virat

    Great humar

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