August 15th, 2008

Sean Hannity: You Can’t Trust Somebody Who Had an Affair, Except for John McCain


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  1. Shelby

    Haha, the John Edwards caricature cracks me up and it’s spot on, too.

    That video made me want to reach into my monitor and strangle Hannity.

  2. SgtPepper

    That’s what scary, that the Rebublicans have an entire “news” network to help spread their propoganda. I tried watching Hannity and Colmes once to see what it was about and I physically couldn’t take it, it was so nauseating. I just assume this clip is what happens all the time on that show.

  3. Clay Sills

    Sorry, I was hoping for funny. I miss aLp a lot. a lot a lot.

  4. Neil

    I’d vote for both of them…. …. to be taken outside and shot. Politicians are no better than lying cheating con artists, only interested in whats good for them, not their country. Please note: UK government sucks ass too, please feel free to kill our countries leaders- if by leading you mean running around like a headless chicken without a clue.

  5. Angus

    Sorry. I am still deep in mourning for aLp.

  6. Kraken

    @Clay Sills: I think all of us miss ALP, and I bet Bernie does too, but let’s not ignore the fact that he’s done, what, 9 comics in 2 weeks? He used to go a month at a time between single ALP episodes. IMO, he’s kickin’ it harder now than in years, just in a different format, and I for one am geeked than he’s found the stroke again. Today’s episode included!

  7. Jennif

    I can see how if you’re not an American (a liberal-leaning one at that), you might not get or appreciate this one. I love it, but it’s not so much hilarious as it is incisive. It would be right at home next to all those other editorial cartoonists that have been doing this for years and years (I guess that’s a compliment!) but that might not be your cup of tea.

  8. SValentine

    Love it!

  9. Tom

    Some of us non-liberals don’t feel it’s right to cheat on your spouse no matter the circumstances.

  10. Chad

    I love these Bernie, nice change. Yes, I love aLp, but it was struggling, also whose taw say they won’t be back. Stranger things have happened.. great work btw.

  11. Chance

    I’m not affiliated with either party, but I have serious Democratic leanings. Although I usually don’t side with the republican viewpoints, I almost voted for Bush in the last election based on a single action: I’ll vote for any party which makes shooting lawyers legal. Man, if Dick Cheney’s ultimate plan to make that happen had only become a National Trend…..Perhaps McCain could try to bring that back?

  12. Luxari

    i lol’ed.

  13. Josh

    All true.

  14. Strategia

    If you tell a lie to get money from or power over a single person, you’re a criminal. If you tell a lie to get money from and power over millions, you’re a politician.

  15. Mikey Cooper

    Kraken ftw! ALP was character-based ridiculousness. I loved Abe, Preston, Jesus, & BO for the brief minute or two I got to see them every other month. Of course it was funny as hell.

    IYSS is a news-article-based editorial cartoon. There aren’t any characters to get attached to. Each cartoon is a one-shot deal (so far). It’s reminiscent of Spamusement or With Gusto. Comparing it to ALP just because they’re both written by the same dood is unfair.

    I like that Bernie’s able to actually make these on a frequent basis and I find them amusing.

  16. StKev


  17. Craig

    I’m not American, so don’t understand all the subtleties behind each cartoon, but loving it anyway. Ok, I miss Abe n Preston, but hey, Bernie is still providing us with great humour, and as Mikey said, we’re getting it more often. Way to go, Bernie!

  18. BugBear

    I don’t know either of theese guys, but still I find this funny. :)

  19. Mike

    Great job Bernie! I LOVE Foxes double standards. Love the new gig miss ALP maybe Abe will stop by and say Hi sometime.

  20. Alan

    Barrack Obama – logged 143 days in Congress (which was his lifetime record of service to the USA) before he announced his bid for presidency.
    John McCain has a combined 48 years of service to the USA in the Senate and the military (26 and 22 respectively).
    If the election was based on a single job interview instead of a democratic vote Barrack Obama wouldn’t even be considered in the running.

  21. forumpostar

    Quoting Alan:
    “If the election was based on a single job interview instead of a democratic vote Barrack Obama wouldn’t even be considered in the running.”

    Thank god it’s not.

  22. Alan

    Quoting forumpostar:
    “Thank god it’s not.”

    I agree but that still doesn’t make Mr. Obama anymore qualified to run a country.

  23. holokaustos

    Nice job, Bernie. You’ve found your calling! Keep up the great work!

    @Kraken: You’re absolutely right. This is a far better venue for Bernie and his true talents are starting to show through. You can tell that he’s digging it, just by the fact that he’s being so consistent with his updates. I could be presumptuous, but I sense a passion here that has been missing from aLp for a long time. He wants to do something more than just a funny comic. I think he wants to do a funny comic with a message, something that can help make a change through awareness. But, like I said, I’m just presuming. Either way, the guy is funny as hell and it shows in IYSS.

  24. Todd V. Ehrenfels

    Well, if it came to a job interview, neither candidate would be hired. The issue would be that neither has any executive experience at all. Both are legislators, and neither has any administrative or managerial background. If you look at a list of US Senators who went on to be President, you will note that most of them were awful presidents. Looking specifically at the two who went from Congress to the Oval Office, JFK did pretty well, and Warren G. Harding was possibly the worst President in US history (certainly more corrupt that Bush or Clinton). The odds that we will get a good one are 50/50.

  25. JeffK

    @Kraken: So he did 9 comics in 2 weeks – it’s easy to do that when they suck. IYSS is sloppily drawn and not funny. aLp was MUCH better. I plan to unsubscribe from the mailing list and won’t be back to IYSS again.

  26. Mattz

    “IYSS is sloppily drawn and not funny.”

    You’re entitled to your opinion and your own bad sense of humour, but it seems that Bernie’s getting more of a positive response than a negative one.

    ALP’s over, get over it. And stop whining.

  27. Rey Fox

    Military and congressional experience, big whoop. A McCain presidency would still be a third Bush term.

  28. Gamble

    well it wasn´t that funny since I´m not american, but I see were you where going

  29. pailee

    You know, that is funny. Whenever US has non republican president it ends in a major conflict, and as for the media standards, have you tried ever to watch CNN? It always amuses me that left wing always lacks contact with reality.

  30. Mattz hatr

    Mattz, you are sick and wrong. Only kids or supreme oldies could not miss alp. You probably didnt even see it!

  31. Mattz hatr


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