August 13th, 2008

You Could Become Batman, Says Scientist


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  1. Kraken


    Wait, are we doing that here? Ok sorry.

    LOL, awesome one, Bernie…

  2. Neil

    Nah, I figure Im more like the incredible hulk- only not green, and covered in lard instead of huge muscles.

  3. andy

    I didn’t realize a pill was necessary for scoring with Robin …

  4. lol

    Damn! thats so creepy! but also funny! in a bad bad way..

  5. SamDamnit

    I don’t get the scientist part. This would be funny without the overtext.

  6. Adrian

    Brokebat Mountain

  7. rocky

    @adrian..”brokebat mountain”…OH GOD! I can’t stop laughing.

    This is awesome Bernie. Keep it up. ;)

  8. Chris

    Spamusement anyone?

  9. angelusraptor

    Hahaha, hey B. This is awesome xD

  10. Caboose O'Malley

    lol sounds like some of the spam email I get… (the whole scientist part)

    Also, Brokebat Mountain would totally rock.

  11. Pirata

    Wait a sec…who takes the pill–is it you or Robin?

    Cause they already have roofies, y’know….

  12. Mischi

    U evil recyklin’ enviromentalist!
    Predator seeks prey huh!?

  13. Amy

    @Chris: You are so right!

  14. Rich T

    Batting for the other side?

  15. Manny

    Swing batta batta…

  16. Swordwannabe

    so it begins…

  17. holokaustos

    Just don’t dig the whole pedophile thing. But that’s me.

  18. lotusduck

    Pederast kaustos. Robin is like, pubescent (as opposed to pre), so that is the difference.

  19. Anne Vitiligo

    Nice post but is specially for the day dreamer children.

  20. Tina

    Next should be Alien!!! LOL!! Great Stuff!!'s-doctor-confession-was-'nervous'-about-birth


  21. Morishige

    December 21st, it’s going to be a really bad Christmas. I get the imisserpon from your question that you are actually just seeing how many crackpots will answer. If the Mayans could predict with such accuracy an event that was going to happen 1200 years in the future, where are they now. Oh wait, they aren’t around anymore. I guess they were too busy trying to create cryptic prophecies to realize that their culture was in great peril. Live your life the best that you can. If you were sincere in asking your question, and I don’t want this to panic you. There is a greater chance of dying from a slip and fall injury in the bathtub each and every day that you hop in for a shower than some cataclysmic event happening at the specific time that an ancient culture predicted.

  22. Alok

    that we don’t know when the world will end. Forget what those other people are sinyag.I don’t know what Nostradamus or the Mayans were trying to prove. To me, they were proving that they were false prophets and hypocrites. So what if some of Nostradamus’ predictions came true? What was he doing? Trying to be like God? What a hypocrite.Some try to be too exact and say that the end is December 21, 2012. Doesn’t this make their lying too obvious? Next So go on! Pursue your dreams! Nothing can stop you but yourself. Live a life that is good and not evil.I should tell you that I too have plans for 2012. I am going to university to become a surgeon.God bless you!

  23. Cynthia

    Dates are for the most part false! If we had intelligent datnig we would say, for example, that the date today is July 12th, 4,120,000,009 (4 billion and 120 million and 9 would be our date today)!! For the Mayans to come up with 2012 they would have to be using one of the European calendars in use at the time. This is most unlikely. 2012 is new age propaganda! It is created to distract some people from real issues and problems facing us all.

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