Thursday — April 2nd, 2009

American Psycho

Actually I don’t mind Ryan Seacrest. You know who I want to strangle? Adam Lambert. I can’t believe people actually like his banshee shrieking. Yeah I watch American Idol.

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Hauntless House

Last night I tried out that haunted house on the Lower East Side, Nightmare: Bad Dreams Come True, “America’s #1 Haunted House”.

Man was it lame, with a capital Man Was It Lame! I’ve seen scarier things watching Dora the Explorer with my kids. It was just a bunch of college kids paid to jump at you wearing bad costumes. It was too dark to actually see anything that might’ve had a chance to be scary, and yet not dark enough to actually unsettle you. Even just the photos in this old article of the 13 Haunted Houses That Will Make You Wet Your Pants (in which this one was named #1!) are scarier than anything that was actually there. The scariest part of the whole time I was there was seriously when I got a text message from my job saying there was a glitch on the site.

Not that I didn’t have a blast last night. I was there with a bunch of friends and the crowd was having fun. Random girls were grabbing onto my hand, which was cool and all, but distracting from the (theoretical) scares. Besides it was too dark to tell what the girls looked like.

Dinner at Cafe Katja beforehand rocked. It’s a tiny Austrian place where they serve pretty much nothing but pork, in a hundred different ways with a thousand different words for them like bratwurst, bernerwurstel, and hefespatenplockasteiner. I made that last one up. And of course, great beer in various and comically large sizes. Check it out on Orchard, between Broome and Grand.

Interview with Rick Marshall

Hey, that interview I mentioned is now up here, over at Rick Marshall’s blog.

Alien Loves Predator lives on

I just finished doing a couple of interviews where I had to answer the expected questions about the fate of Alien Loves Predator and where this new site is heading, and it helped me be able to explain things with a little more clarity. I owe it to all of you to let you know what’s going on in my head.

aLp is not necessarily over. I did literally say it was “coming to an end”, but that was mostly because I was tired of waffling and dicking you around. I don’t really wanna stop doing it but it bugged me to go on “hiatus” again. But if that’s what we need to call it instead of shutting down altogether, then yeah, ok. I’ll try to keep doing a new aLp update every once in a while because it’s actually still fun. I just need a bit of a break from it.

In terms of IYSS… for those of you who love it and those of you who hate it: I really have no idea where I’m going with it. I mostly just wanted to have somewhere I can draw or write or take a piss with no rules. And right now it feels great, like I just put on a pair of boxers for the first time instead of briefs. Or like I’m having sex without a condom? Or any number of metaphors involving my genitals! Anyway, I’m still finding my way, still learning how to draw, still figuring out what kind of stuff I want to write about, and I’m havin’ a blast. I dunno where it’s all going, but I really appreciate that there’s so many of you comin’ along for the ride.

Thanks, that’s all for now, rock onwards.

Pardon our appearance

I’m in the process of switching to the ComicPress WordPress theme (that my buddy Noah had to remind me of). That’s why things look a little funky right now. Let’s all just hold hands and we’ll get through this together…


Welcome to the new site! It’s an editorial cartoon. Except of course when I don’t have something in particular to say, in which case it’s not.

Will update probably at least 3x/week. But, like most blogs, who knows exactly when.